Cello Lessons

Andrea teaches private cello lessons to all ages and abilities! She has a small studio in Greeley, Colorado. She believes that practice makes perfect, and knows people will want to practice music they enjoy! Therefore, she teaches in a variety of styles, from classical to rock, metal, and jazz. She regularly arranges pop songs, video game music, and holiday music so her students can play alone or with friends. She also incorporates other topics such as music theory, history, and technology so that students understand the music they play, and gain the skills to interpret, arrange, and perform their own music.

This message came from a beginning teenaged student’s mother, who noticed her daughter particularly enjoyed the Legend of Zelda music Andrea arranged:

Hello! Just a quick thank you for the thoughtfulness in picking out some music for Cailey to play. She reallly enjoyed todays lesson…she is learning a lot from you! She enjoys playing cellos with you as well. Thanks so much!

-Jenny C.

An adult student, Phil, had taken lessons from several teachers for about 10 years, and had always struggled with vibrato:

Wow! I woke up with no elbow pain and just spent 30 minutes of nothing but deep, wide vibrato, still feels good. Thanks for sticking with me on this. I might amount to something yet.

-Phil B.

Learn how to play with cello lessons today! If you are interested in private lessons, please use the contact page to send a message!